Samsung Galaxy Fold Sketch Mockup

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Samsung Galaxy Fold is our new free mockup here. Well-designed and clean frontal template to showcase your next great UI design.

Samsung Galaxy Fold Sketch Mockup is available with the latest version of Sketch.

From the author
“A few weeks ago, Samsung announced Galaxy Fold that made me feel so excited for the upcoming UI trend. Therefore, I decided to explore possibilities on how we can take advantage of the big screen. This one is an Event app for Android. I tried to use details page in the right half of the screen, so the user could easily compare one event to another without going back and forth.

Also, attached the Galaxy Fold mockup I made in Sketch. Feel free to rebound this!”

Samsung Galaxy Fold Sketch Mockup was shared by Ghani Pradita

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Miroslav Garigov

Hi guys, I am Miroslav Garigov and I am working as a web & mobile UI designer. I also love sport and traveling around the world.

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